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June 2016 Issue #1 (Preview)

Magazine cover

June 2017 Issue #3 (Preview)

Magazine cover

June 2018 Issue #5 (Preview)

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June 2019 Issue #7 (Preview)
Image: Paris Match archives


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December 2020 Issue #9 (Preview)

Magazine cover

December 2016 Issue #2 (Preview)

Magazine cover

December 2017 Issue #4 (Preview)

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December 2018 Issue #6 (Preview)

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December 2019 Issue #8 (Preview)

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December 2021 Issue #10 (Full)

   "The Intelligentsia fills a gap in the market for an insightful, innovative and creative magazine with contributors sharing their expertise and wisdoms from a wealth of areas."

Sir Eric Peacock

Serial Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

   "The value of The Intelligentsia lies in its variety, presenting new thinking in the arts, the humanities, business and policy in a form which is attractive to read."

Prof. John Robertson

University of Cambridge


"The Intelligentsia magazine gives me the feeling of connection

to elegance, beauty and classic scholarship. It is very well done."


Prof. Bernard Roth

Stanford University

   "Congratulations for the tasteful presentations and the wonderful images throughout the magazine!"

HSH Prince Géza von Habsburg

Art Historian & Fabergé scholar

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